Playgroups and Activities

Play Groups

We have two different types of playgroups to accommodate many different schedules (including work, school, nap schedules, etc.). The two types of playgroups are age specific playgroups and activity playgroups that are centered on a theme or activity. Most playgroups meet once a week while others meet on a monthly basis. Some playgroups are age specific, while others are open to all ages. Playgroups may meet at members homes, or at a public location (park, indoor play center, mostly places in or near our Camas/Washougal community).

Age Specific Play Groups

These age specific playgroups are designed for children of the same age to have an opportunity to interact, play and socialize together. These playgroups also allow for moms with children around the same age to chat. The two age playgroups we offer are:

Baby Group – 0 - 18 months

2 - 5 years old

These are flexible groups and of course allow for siblings to join in on the fun too.

Activity Groups

Activity Group Clubs were designed to offer activities for our children in a safe, familiar environment while creating small, intimate groups for mothers to get to know each other better. Some of these activities are designed for kids, some for adults. Most clubs meet once a month. The groups designed for kids are open to all ages of children.

Book Club – A group that meets throughout the year to discuss a book that was read while kiddos play.

Cooking Club -A group designed for moms and children of all ages to meet and gather with food at the center. Moms bring a dish they have prepared in advance, along with the recipe and everyone gets to partake in eating, chatting and playing. This is a way to exchange tried, true and tasted recipes to build our cookbooks and expand our friendships.

DIY Divas – Do you scrapbook, knit, quilt, or have another craft which you enjoy? DIY Divas meet and bring their latest projects, or alternatively, members may decide to all work on a similar project (wreath for the home, decor, etc.) A member hosts this club at her house or may find another location to fit the amount of participants.

**HOOT and HOWL (Husbands Out Of Town and Husbands Working Late) - Meet up for potluck style dinners when husbands are out of town or working late.

Lunch Bunch - Dine out with other moms and little ones around the greater Camas/Washougal area.

MOMS Night Out – MOMS get together without their children for dinner, movie, pottery, game night, cookie exchange, etc.

Fit Club– A group designed to connect moms and get them active. It can be hard for moms to find time to take care of themselves. This group helps get moms moving by hosting weekly events and providing ideas to help moms live more active lifestyles.

Toddler Yoga - A community activity that is lead by one of our own members, open to members to attend once a month for free. A great way to connect with your little ones and teach them flexibility and healthy movement.

These are a variety of the clubs we hold each month or throughout the year. Several clubs, marked by the **, are not clubs that will be shown on our calendar, but ask about them and you will be added to the email list for those get togethers.